Books, books and more books

I love books. To be swept away in a story is a wonderful thing and it is my little way to escape the ‘everyday’. With 2 young children, I don’t get much time to sit and read during the day – unless it’s school readers and bed time stories – but I do make time to read a little bit before I turn out the lights and go to sleep.
The new Amazon Kindle style electronic gadgets, to read books may be fantastic, but to me, there is something special about actually holding and reading a book.
Don’t get me wrong, I love gadgets and will give most things a try, but to me, a book should be read by turning the pages (which are actually made of paper).
Maybe it’s just me… Is it just me?

Anyways, the point of this post wasn’t to discuss the Kindle. It was to tell you about the Lifeline book far which I attended on Friday morning (opening day).
The Lifeline book fair is held twice a year and attracts many (MANY) book lovers. Over 60,000 books are donated and then sorted by volunteers and then displayed in over 50 categories.
Lifeline provides access to crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services. Lifeline also provides national services and campaigns that promote emotional wellbeing, encourage help seeking, and address suicide prevention and awareness.
Lifeline is a not-for-profit organisation and relies on community support.
Read more about Lifeline at
Hubby and I dropped this kids off at school and pre-school (I love child free Friday) and made our way to the venue. I like to get there early so that I can visit the craft tables and get the good books before they’re claimed. Hubby likes the woodworking, history and biography tables.
It was super busy. Super busy! There would have a been a couple of hundred people already in there, so I made my way to the craft tables (which are at the back right corner of the building), planted my feet firmly and started the search.
craft table
I came away with some great finds. I’m a magazine fan (and hoarder) so I picked up some good ones to flick through and gain some new inspiration. 
Books 2 (2)
Books 3
I also found these 2 great books which I’m looking forward to flicking through and oohing and ahhing over the pretty pictures.
Books 5Books 4
And I couldn’t leave without a few ‘whodunits’ in my shopping bag. I’m a fan of Minette Walters, Patricia Cornwell and Michael Connelly. These are the ones I was missing from my series of books already at home.
Books 1 (655x900)
I’m one of those people who takes a list with what books I already have by a certain author and also the books I’m searching for. I did get a few strange looks from people, but I wasn’t concerned. I prefer to buy what I need and not double up with ones I already had.
This pile should keep me going until the next book fair in March.

Do you love to read?
What genre is your favourite?


  1. The Lifeline book sale in Macarthur is held mid September, this year it was just one day and very crowded. I like you headed to the craft books picking up some great books, must take a photo and show you included a Kaffe Fasset. Eight books for $5 is what they charge and there were some great bargains.
    I also would rather hold the book in my hands and smell the musty old book smell than download off the internet, don't get me wrong I have bought Interweave Stitch magazine for 10c downloaded straight to my computer, its just not the same.
    BTW can't wait to see what you have in store for us in November for Bee in Oz.

  2. The books I love to read beside craft books are sci-fi - Robin Hobb, Raymond E Feist etc even Harry Potter.
    Also enjoy the Elm Creek books, history and quilting together, great cookbooks are also enjoyed and sometimes used for their recipes

  3. Hello Anorina!! After I read this post I thought.. did I write this!?? LOL I share the love of books as well as you do! I will not buy a kindle or Nook or whatever is the newest electronic book they have. I have to have that book with many pages in my hand. I too love Connelly and Cornwell (finally caught up on hers!) AND I have a little notebook in my purse I keep to mark off the one's I read. hehe I enjoy the "series" crime books. I have not read any Walters but will have to jot her name down to find one! I just picked up Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich. Her books make me laugh and I need it after reading other series like Cornwell! (darker)
    I started reading Sign of the Cross by Chris Kuzneski.. He has a series detective line out and its AWESOME! OH and also reading The Hunger Games (on book 2) so yes you can say I'm a bookworm! I'm passing the love of books down to my 2 year old grand daughter and she is catching on!! =) Sorry for the long comment! I get excited when I know of others passion's same as me!!! haha! The Lifeline book fair looks great! And for a great cause!

  4. I love to read, really love to read. I will start a book and I just have to finish it. Everyone in my family knows that when I start a new book, to just leave Mummy alone till she finishes it. I have read many of my books many, many times. I love reading paper books held in my hand, but I also have an Eco Reader which I also love! I love that fact that it is light and portable and I can carry around thousands of books if I want. Having said that I only read novels on it and the number of books and the types of books I now read has greatly expanded which is really fantastic. One of my biggest problems with buying books was where to put them all! Craft books and any book that has pictures and instructions or is in colour really need to be in paper form so I use both and I love it.

  5. Wow! You scored big time!
    The kids are what have stopped me going to the local book sale for the last few years...what a nightmare that would be!

  6. As I saw the Kindle photo it was for me a must to write. I like reading but before I had my Kindle my eyes didn´t allow me to read as much as I wished to. Now I begin my day with a short story and end it with an other. In the mientime i do my everyday duties. At the moment I´m reading stories by B. Singer. Stories are my favorite reading because they are condensed and I can read them at one sitting. Recently I discovered Margaret Attwood and Nabokov - brilliant!
    I realy love my Kindle.

  7. Wow! what great finds. I read books by Patricia Scanlon (chick reads) and I also like some true stories, craft books and books about artists :)

  8. Wow! what great finds. I read books by Patricia Scanlon (chick reads) and I also like some true stories, craft books and books about artists :)

  9. WOW Anorina- you did well. The early bird definitely catches the worm! LOL
    Some fab craft books there. I like mainly mysteries, James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark, used to read Catherine Cookson which I loved, I don't mind Historical fiction either, and occasionally something humorous such as Bill Bryson. :0)

  10. O Wow so many book. Looks like you brought some nice books.

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  12. Lol, I hope the car boot was already empty! I'm already a Ruth Rendell fan and my DD introduced me to Patricia Cornwell. I'll have to try the other two authors mentioned while I wait for my library to have the latest Matthew Reilly available. I see you couldn't leave without some quilting mags :).

  13. Some good buys there. I enjoy detective storis and historical novels.

  14. I think the list is a great idea - very sensible! Before I startesd subscribing to a certain magazine, I kept a list with my library card of which issues I had read from the library so we seem to think alike!

    I like reading but don't make enough time for it. I have started borrowing audio books from the local libary (online so I don't even have to get dressed) and listening to them while I knit, sew or play games on the computer! I read adults and children's fiction - yesterday I listened to the whole book of "Little Lord Fauntleroy"!


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