Weekend Wrap-Up


After a huge build-up, alot of planning and co-ordinating, we survived our MASSIVE weekend.

This weekend started weeks ago – making lots of bits and pieces for the Spring Fair. I then spent 3 days at the school, going through left over items from previous years fairs, plus all of the new craft items donated to the school - pricing and setting up the tables. We ended up with 5 large tables, end to end, chock-a-bloc full of crafty items.

There were tonnes of knitted booties in both baby and adult sizes. Crocheted tea towels and face washers. Beanies, scarves, tea cosies, bags, aprons, table runners, pot holders, wheat bags, frames, hand made cards and card making kits. Christmas baubles, santa sacks, quilts and soaps.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the hall on the day, but here’s a quick little snap, I took with my phone, on one of the setting up days.


craft stall

See those piles of crocheted face washers? We ended up with about 6 times that many on the day.

But I’ve digressed. Saturday actually started with my daughters birthday. We woke up early so that we’d have time to sit and have breakfast and open a few presents.

After a bowl of breakfast strawberries (her FAVOURITE!!), she opened her big present which was a Nintendo 3DS plus a Dora the Explorer game. Ultra excitement with lots of squeals of delight. Yay mum and dad! Good buy.

We headed to the school about an hour before it was due to start and it was a hive of activity. The road in front of the school was closed with rides being set up and the stages for dancers and singers to perform throughout the day.

I wasn’t destined to see any of it as I spent the whole day in the hall, at the stall (with a 5 minute toilet break). It was a busy and exhausting day.

Thank goodness for my super awesome husband who kept the kids amused by taking them on all the rides…


... face painting, hair spraying, pony rides, buying show bags and eating fairy floss… you know, all the fun fair type stuff.


After it was all over, we packed up our stalls and left over items and came home. As it was little lady’s birthday, my parents, sister and family came over afterwards for birthday cake and more presents.


Sunday was another beautiful day. The sun was shining and it felt positively spring like. It was my little man’s soccer presentation day.


He got his trophy, in the shape of a soccer boot, plus his medal for being the best tackler on his team for the season. Their coach was awesome, and gave each of the players a special medal for being the best at… something in their team.




The presentation was followed by more rides and a sausage sizzle for the kids.



Here is my little lady in a mid-jump in the jumping castle.


slide 2

And my little Master sitting on a hessian sack, coming down the gigantic slide. These kids have NO FEAR!

You would think that after all of this fun, that would be it for us… but noooo. Little Master was invited to a birthday party for one of his kindergarten friends on Sunday afternoon.

More dancing, and playing with his friends…


Kinder photo 2



Kinder photo 1


Sam - chicken dance

Yes, I think he’s doing the chicken dance in this shot…


After such a huge weekend, it was early to bed for all. I’m exhausted!


How was your weekend? What did you get up to?


  1. Wow! Waht a fun filled weekend! Your son's school fair looked great - I might have to come down soutnh next year!

    My weekend consisted of visiting the Farmers' Markets and Artisan's Markets at Castle Hill on (a very windy) Saturday, and knitting while nursing an extreme sinus infection/ head cold on Sunday.

  2. What an action packed weekend. Everyone looks so happy. Well done.


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