Kids in the Park

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School holidays are nearly here. Let me see you throw your arms up in the air and give me a big Yaaaaaay!!

We love school holiday time at our place. No need for the early morning wake-ups (by alarm clock – URGH!). No need for the mad rush to get my kids fed, washed, dressed, out the door and make it to school before the first school bell rings.

The only draw-back of school holidays is hearing the word “bored”. As a parent, it is one of the most annoying words on earth.

Well these school holidays, combat boredom by visiting Sydney Olympic Park, for Kids in the Park.


Kids in the Park has soooooooo many activities to choose from. The activities range from sporty, adventurer to creative and are free or under $20. Kids can ride bikes, cook, fly kites, writing workshops, archery, diving… the list is long and ultra diverse.
Some of the fun activities which my kids love to get involved with: 
Mini Golf

Trampolining – my daughter loves the trampoline. Loves it!

Learning some circus skills like juggling, tumbling, and swinging on the low trapeze. Cool huh?? 

Have a look at these videos of the Archery and the Flying Trapeze at Kids in the Park. It looks like awesome fun and I can just imagine my kids swinging upside down by their knees :-)



Operation Art is the premier state-wide visual arts exhibition for school students from Kindergarten to Year 10. There are 760 works on display – a visual feast for children to gain plenty of inspiration.


I would also love to try out the Orienteering Space Race Challenge these spring hoidays. The kids can learn how to read a map and compass (or I can learn how to read the map and compass) and win points. Sounds like fun and I can pretend I’m on the Amazing Race ;-)


Young detectives can Crack the Code. Pick up a compass at the visitor centre and find clues to crack the code. 


Download the brochure HERE for the full listing of available activities with dates and times. There are so many to choose from – it will be hard to decide. Seriously!

Kids in the Park is on every school holidays at various venues around Sydney Olympic Park. Activities range from half-hour lessons and experiences to 3– and 4–day workshops and camps. 

Vacation care and day camp are also available and provide all-day supervised fun for kids.
What do you and your kids like to do in the school holidays?


  1. Since I am not working this semester (I am a TAFE teacher) and DD is married with children too young to go to school, I nearly forgot school holidays were almost upon us! Thanks for the reminder to stay clear of the shopping centre for the next two weeks!

  2. My "kids" are way too grown up, they now prefer to have school holidays activities with their friends, no mummy near.
    I've just awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. your blog is one of my favorite's.I love visiting it

  3. whow what fun for the kiddies


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