It’s getting hot in here…


Summer is awesome… and it’s on the way. It got to 27 degrees Celsius yesterday, so it’s time to start thinking about packing away the winter woollies.

Longer days – I love day light saving time.

BBQ’s out in the back yard with friends and family.

Cool drinks.

School Holidays.

Ice blocks.

Water sprinklers.

Swimming pools and the beach.

Watermelon, cherry and mango season.

Shorts and thongs (we wear thongs on our feet, here in Australia).


I think of all of this fun stuff, when I think of summer.


But then there’s the annoying stuff.


Like blow flies. Hate, hate, hate them.



One has flown into the house and as I type this it is buzzing around the window try to get out. Banging against the glass. Annoying me. Big time.


Must go and find the fly swatter. Or remember it’s time to buy some more fly spray.


What do you LOVE & HATE about the warmer seasons?


  1. I hate hate bugs. Mosquitos think I'm their personal feeding ground!

  2. I hate the flies and mosquitoes, but I LOVE the longer daylight hours; more time to spend in the garden. This glorious spring weather is calling me outside.

  3. it's so interesting to read about summer when on our part of the earth is already ending. i love summer, but i always think that in winter days i get more stuff done for my MA studies and it's not a waste of nice weather when i sit inside and crochet. i really like all 4 seasons.

  4. i am sick of being cold,bring on the warmer weather

  5. Above all else, I hate being cold. I hate it more than being hungry, I hate it more than being in pain! So I love the warm weather because, well, it's not cold!

    I sat outside and knitted today - how very civilised! Light breeze, not too hot, not too cold - just right!

  6. I'm in the USA so I am on my way down there. (In my dreams) It is starting to be fall here. I HATE WINTER!

  7. I'm in Canada and NOT a fan of summer. I hate the humidity. Hate being sweaty. And I hate mosquitoes. I'm pretty happy that fall is on it's way, but we're still having hot weather now.

  8. Love daylight savings and the sun on my skin, roll on summer.


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