I’m grateful for… Play Centres

Mums of toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary aged kids have to agree with me when I say that play centres are a BRILLIANT invention.

They’re great for meeting up with other mums for a coffee while the little ones play to their hearts content. Great for wet weather playing… but I think that they’re especially great for birthday parties.

My little lady had her birthday party at one this morning. I picked the package and brought the cake and the centre did the rest.

The best part was walking away from the mess and knowing that I didn’t have to clean it up. Any of it.

I’m playing along with Maxabella and The Beetle Shack.


  1. Party day. We have just finished having our sons 3rd birthday at home and now i'm tired. We had a Doctor Who party for him. Maybe next year at the Play centre.

  2. When my DD was small, the only choice for parties was MacD** or the local plaster figurine painting shop (we did that one - when she turned six - but never the former). We had all the other parties at home until she was sixteen. Those play centres look really good!

  3. Here here! Thank goodness for the time-out those play centres bring. Even if they are a little noisey! I'd have gone bonkers in the early days with two under two without Green Bean!


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