Back to Reality

After an amazing time here in Vanuatu, we've just had our last swim and will soon be heading upstairs to pack up our bulging suitcases for our return home in the morning.

Vanuatu IS the happiest place on Earth and I highly recommend it xx


  1. Glad you guys are enjoying yourself!

    We were there back in 2009! Just hubby and me for a late honeymoon. Love every minute of it... well apart from the food posioning on the first night, lol!

    Fiji is just as good too!

  2. so glad you had a great family experience.

  3. Glad you had a fantastic trip i so wanna go there one day (better save all my pennies) lol :-) x

  4. Great you had a fantastic time....

  5. What a lovely picture! Safe travels home, Anorina. :)

  6. I"ve heard how nice it is. Maybe someday I'll make it there!


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