A new member of the family


No… I didn’t have a baby overnight, though thinking about it, wouldn’t it be great to not have to go through those 9 months of pregnancy to have a baby?


Okay, I’ve digressed…


I’d like you to meet the newest member of our family, Cookie. Little Miss received Cookie as an early birthday gift from her grandparents. Huge points score for nanny and grandad!


Cookie is a FurReal Friends toy dog by Hasbro. Cookie barks, whines, blinks, turns it’s head, pants, chews on it’s bone and even yawns.


FurReal Friends Cookie


As a non fur pet family, Cookie is the centre of attention at the moment. The kids love it. I’m reliably informed that Cookie is a girl dog, so I should be saying “she”, shouldn’t I?


For now, Cookie is ultra cute and moves and blinks at me when the kids aren’t near… but all I can say is thank goodness for the “OFF” switch located on her bottom!!


Which toys are you thankful for the “OFF” switch?


  1. I remember years ago when my grand-daughter was small, she had a "furby" I think that's what they were called. Anyway, everyone had gone out with Pop for a drive, and I was in the loungeroom ironing. The furby was just sitting on top of a cupboard with it's eyes closed when suddenly the eyes flew open and it made a sound- did it ever freak me out! :O

  2. My kids are much bigger now, but when my 22yo dd was a baby her auntie gave her a lovely gift. It was a cookie monster pushing a popcorn cart.. only it was plastic cookie chips instead of popcorn, and they popped loudly to the band marching music that came out of the thing.. She loved it.. I hated it. Years later I paid her back for her giggling kindness by buying her a "gun" for her son that had 50 launching sounds.. grenades etc.. OBNOXIOUS!! They didn't allow guns for toys although daddy was a hunter, I didn't care, payback baby!!

  3. None yet! But I am sure I will be at some point in my grandchildren's future!


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