I’m grateful for … being fluff-free

Now get your naughty minds out of the gutter!

I’m talking about my sewing machine, Betty. Poor Betty has been a little bit over worked and under maintained of late. She’s been tough and hasn’t complained… too much.


Yesterday, before starting some quilting, I gave her a de-fluffing. Yes, it’s a technical term Winking smile


Now, my lovely Betty, runs so much more smoothly and is ready for new projects.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. That reminds me I really need to "de-fluff" my sewing machine. SHe has been complaining...

  2. Poor Betty! I'm glad she got the spa treatment - it looked like she really needed it. Hope she's feeling much better. I actually did some de-fluffing earlier today, but I was unaware of the technical term at the time. :-)

  3. I'm grateful I read your post and had a nice giggle!


  4. It's a little bit like my wondering where all the dryer fluff goes when you actually hang your clothes on the line... x

  5. Cute post! Found you through Maxabella Loves!

  6. Ooh that reminds me I need to do mine, thanks!!

  7. Oh my goodness!! That is A LOT of fluff. My machine won't go that long, it starts sounds like a freight train and I know it's time to clean her.

  8. I had to wind yet another bobbin yestrday and thought I'd better give Jan her first clean out! I was stunned at how much had built up in just seven weeks!

    But poor Betty! She had put on a bit of extra weight, hadn't she?

  9. I'm afraid the "fluff free" comment went right over my head! Lost in translation, I guess, because I can't imagine how that can put anyone's mind in the gutter!
    That was a lot of "lint" (as we say around here)! Reminds me that I need to do that same! Thanks!

  10. I too defluffed my machine the other day. They do apprecite the TLC. I took my other machine to be serviced before taking to a class and the guy asked how often I cleaned my machine ( Defluffed ) my response was "next question." I do it on a regular basis now as the new machine was much more expensive. That is some impressive fluff! Glad I'm not the only one to have a fluffy machine. You make me smile so grateful for your posts


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