Bored, Bored, BORED!


For the past few days, I’ve had 2 sick kids to entertain. Nothing serious, just head colds. They’re bored of their toys. Bored of the television. Bored of each other. Bored, bored, BORED!


I’m running out ideas and my patience is waning. I’ve got lot’s of sewing to do for the Spring Fair but unable to sit for more than 5 minutes without hearing “muuuuum”.

We’ve made soup in the new soup maker (pumpkin, cauliflower and some spices) but that novelty is over.

Baking some cupcakes might be on the agenda later – bowl licking always helps a person feel better, right?

So what do you do when the kids are sick and worse still - BORED?


  1. 1. New movie?
    2. crafts? (play doh, markers, construction paper)
    3. Give up trying to be productive and just hang with them?
    4. Legos/Lincoln Logs?
    5. Rainy Day/Sick Day box (special toys just for such occasion)
    6. New Book?

    No idea how old your kids are....just thinking back (son is 22) and planning ahead (daughter is 7 months).

  2. Clean their rooms! Challenge them to find a couple of toys to give to charity. Are they old enough to write stories? Sewing/craft projects to 'help' you? Hope they're back to normal soon.

  3. The previous comments sound fantastic, I must get the award for horrible Mum of the year. I figure my kids have so many things to do that if they say they are bored, I hand them a toothbrush and tell them to scrub the grout or some other horrible chore. It has been a very long time since i have heard the word Bored in our house..... :)

  4. Oh no! Not sick and bored kids...

    Dig a toy out of the cupboard they haven't seen in a while... find a movie or video games they haven't played in a bit...

    Hope they are feeling better soon...

  5. Some home made 'playdough' will keep them busy for a long time. Hunt for mini-beasts in the garden? Make a picture from pasta shapes, lentils etc and glue? Play with your button tin. Audio book from the library. Good luck and hope you have a good day!

  6. We have a bored board. I try and change it every few weeks.

    It's a bit like this one because i shamelessly 'borrowed' the idea last year.

    Give it a go!

  7. My kids are grown, but I still have some ideas!
    1. Give them a pile of pennies to polish. (Oh, you're in Australia. Do you have any coins like pennies made with copper?)
    2. Show them how to roll paper beads and let them make piles of them to be threaded as necklaces. (You know the paper beads cut as elongated triangles and cut from magazine pictures?) Depends on your children's ages.
    3. Give them all your tiny fabric scraps and a glue stick and let them make collages on construction paper.
    4. Jigsaw puzzle

  8. 1.Make playdough,
    2. make home made crayons out of crayon bits (crazy colors and see how they color),
    3. cover a table and make a fort give them a flash light call it a cave.
    4. play spoons with cards. If 3 people are playing put two spoons on the floor. You deal 4 cards to each person. You are trying to get all 4 cards of the same letter or number. trading one card at a time. As soon as you get all 4 you either sneak or grab a spoon. Everyone else will grab or sneak a spoon as soon as they notice a spoon has been taken. Whoever doesn't get one looses that round, and you play again. It is silly and fun.

  9. Gosh...I must be a mean mummy! If mine are well enough to be bored, I usually send them back to school LOL. Hope yours are feeling better soon :)

  10. window markers!!! they got us through a long winter. window markers are the ticket. run to get them now. they are a lifesaver.


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