Make A Wish...

Is it possible to walk past a dandelion and not have the urge to pick it up, blow on it and make a wish?

I'm sure this little lady was wishing for ice-cream and lollipops.

What do you wish on?


  1. I must have led a sheltered life, because I didn't know about wishing on a dandelion until my son was a toddler. He must have heard about it in daycare. Thank goodness I know it now. What kind of grandmother would I be if I didn't know about every possible opportunity to wish on something? Not a very good one, I can assure you.

  2. I'd wish for an end to all cancers! I know too many people young and old who are battling the big C.

  3. How sweet! I showed Older Grandson a dandelion clock when he was about fifteen months old; he thought Grandmum was funny but he's too young to understand "blow" yet!

  4. I wish that my 5 year old daughter wasn't allergic to dandelions. (that seems to be one of her biggest triggers) It is so hard to keep her away from them.

  5. Dandelions work but I don't think I've seen one for a while. Must go looking and make a wish.


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