02 July 2011

I am grateful for... School Holidays

School starts at 8:30 so to get 2 kids fed, dressed (+ me too) and out the door by 8:00am is quite a task. Searching for library books or school readers, or the hat which seems to disappear every night or the shoes which magically walk away, takes up most of our morning so by the time we get to school, this old mum is frazzled!

Today, I am grateful for school holidays. It means we get to sleep in a little bit in the mornings and have a peaceful start to the day with no place to we have to be. I'm looking forward to some fun outings with my kiddies to the park, playground, bowling, cinema... and maybe Ikea ;-)

What are you grateful for today? Pop on over to Maxabella's blog and join in the linky fun.


  1. I agree school holidays are bliss. I can't understand how some people dread them. The house is more relaxed, less running around, more fun!

  2. I can't say that our school holidays have been bliss. My 2 yr old has just gotten used to being home alone all day and now his big brother is back telling him what and how to play etc, there is lots of fighting. We tried the cinema yesterday and that did not go very well, it was their first time and I think the movie "Cars 2" was lost on them. Hopefully the 2nd week will be better!

  3. Ikea? For kids? Ah yes, the ball room - I had forgotten (since DD is 25 and GS#1 is only 16 months!)

    Enjoy the break from routine.

  4. Have a lovely couple of weeks away from the morning rush!
    Visiting from Maxabella loves...

  5. Thanks for linking up today - it's so fab to see a new face!

    These holidays I have to work through, so our rush will still be the same. All out the door by 7.30am. BUT, I get EVERYTHING ready the night before and it will be so nice not to have to worry about those dreaded school hats and jackets. Every night the search is on. In the holidays, they can wear anything at all so YAY! x

  6. I adore school holiday - not only less rushing around, but also much more sewing time - yippee!!! Hope you enjoy your hols and get some crafting time as well :)

  7. I used to just live for school holidays! Oh, wait......I was a teacher!

  8. Hi Samelia! Me too! We're into the second week up here in Brisbane and it's been a wonderful time. Not looking forward to reality coming back to 'bite me on the ..." in a week's time. Oh the rush! I hate it. LOL

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  9. Hello, I'm really enjoying these school/preschool holidays a lot. Just the change of pace, the slackness of it. My wee ones still get up early but we snugle more, sometimes I park them in from on ABC Kids and sneak back to bed with a cuppa, or, like now, read a blog! Visiting via Maxabella, nice to meet you.


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