WIP Wednesday

It's Work In Progress Wednesday today. It's only going to be a quick post as it's hubby's birthday and I'm taking him out to lunch ... in about 10 minutes time.

My Terrain Starflower quilt is coming along... a little more slowly than I'd anticipated. But the colours are so wonderful, I will persevere.

These will be the 4 solid colours I'll be using for the whole quilt.

I'm loving this dark purple colour.

And because I like to have alot of projects on the go at once, I signed up for the Farmers Wife Quilt A Long (FWQAL). I made my first block last night. It was quick and easy to make and I look forward to making the other 110 blocks...

If you'd like to join the FWQAL, have a look at the Flickr group. The group is growing rapidly.

Thanks to everyone who entered my Alice in Wonderland DVD giveaway. The winner of this giveaway is Christine M. I will be in touch with you soon for your contact details :-)

Happy Wednesday :-)


  1. So funny that I looked at your post now, at 10:34 pm on Tuesday night and reading about you're going to lunch on Wednesday...that kind of stuff blows my mind when I think about it!
    Have fun-Happy Birthday DH!

  2. Beautiful work - The colors are lovely ;)

  3. The blocks are looking great. I love the solids you have chosen for the backgrounds.

  4. Happy birthday, Samelia's dad.

    I also love that purple fabric - my favourite colour.

  5. Happy Birthday to your hubs... hope you had a great lunch... lovely blocks always..

  6. I like your work and the colous are so beautiful.
    I still have the book for the farmers wife quilt on my desk but I did not start yet.

  7. So beautiful!!
    Do you give lessons?

  8. What amazing colours. Look forward to seeing it finished.

  9. Love those colors on your terrain quilt! That will be so fun. Hope you had a fun birthday lunch with dh.

  10. The colors you are using in the Starflower quilt are amazing!

  11. That quilt is going to be stunning the color combinations are perfect.

  12. Awesome stars...what method are you using to make these, could you please share.

  13. That's gorgeous! I want to get back to quilting.... Just need some time and space....


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