Pancake Comfort

If you're anything like me, food can hold great memories and can also make you feel better. It's psychological, I know, but it's all good.

So my little lady has been feeling a little bit under the weather the past few days and not really eating. I asked her what she wanted for breakfast... her first response was ice-cream. Ummm... no kiddo, try again. So she thought for a minute and said pancakes. Awesome! Totally do-able.

The mixer came out along with flour, eggs, sugar and milk...

... to produce these little lovelies full of golden sunshine and get well vibes.

... served with butter and strawberry jam.

After 2 bites she declared, I've had enough. Hmmm.... 

What is your comfort food? 
What makes you or your kids feel better?

With a hubby away, I'm going to join FNSI this month. More on that later :-)


  1. I have odd comfort foods at times. Sometimes it's as simple as vegemite toast, other times its sweet pastries.... but it usually involves bread/pastry!

  2. I remember those times when I was poorly and my mother would make nearly anything for me to get me eating. You know what I always wanted; mashed potatoes with gravy as well as green apples. Even when I was pregnant, that's what I wanted to eat. I hope your little one is feeling better soon.

  3. A good ol' peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Does the trick-every time :)

  4. Chicken and Dumplings does it every time!

  5. Hope she is feeling better soon. x

  6. That looks yummy. My comfort food is a passion fruit sponge. Happy sewing tonight- I'm sewing too.

  7. My mum would always make these during thunder storms and to this day whenever it rains I crave them. They look delish!

  8. I love chocolate and french french fries....or potatoes in any form. Sick, healthy or otherwise I lome my fries!

  9. Mine has to be FRIED POTATOES!! After I've been sick, I always want them!

  10. those pancakes look so yummy.My kids comfort food was nanny food,anything cooked by my mum they loved it whether it was soup or biscuits

  11. You know, it was probably just as comforting to her that you made them, not just the eating, so two bites or not, she was happy!


    (Pizza. Good pizza.)


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