Autumn Sunshine

Don't you just love Autumn? It is my absolute favourite season.

The sun is lovely and the daytime temperature is lovely at around 18-20 degrees celcius.

My little lady and I decided to make the most of the sunshine and have a backyard picnic.

Rapunzel decided to join us for some girlie time. Notice Miss A's shirt? She's a huge Disney Tangled fan. Did I say huge? I meant HUGE!

Poor Rapunzel is going to go bald with the amount of brushing her hair receives.

A lovely day. Too lovely to spend inside. Maybe I'll have some craft time this evening... maybe :-)


  1. I agree, autumn is a wonderful time of the year. Your little girl is such a sweetie-pie.

  2. Today was such a stunning day with the sun shining as the leaves turn golden. Sure is a great time of year!

  3. Oh look at her little face in the first picture.... a picnic in the garden can bring so much pleasure to children and costs nothing... she is lovely

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely day! The weather has been beautiful here too.

  5. Lovely! I love autumn too - but we've past the best of it in ballarat now. It's getting cold!! Enjoy what remains of it for you :)

  6. Oh what fun!! Your little one has the prettiest hair, she is a cutey!

  7. I do so love Autumn! Looks and sounds like such a lovely day.


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