Sewing for school

My DS started school this year which is a very exciting time in our lives. He needed a library bag to hold the books that he borrows. Very cute as he doesn't read yet.

So mum and son had a trip to spotlight and he chose this fabric. As he's prone to losing things, I appliqu├ęd his name onto the front so that EVERYONE knows it's his. Wonder if he'll approve.

My Fresh Cottons giveaway closes this evening, so make sure you've entered. The link is HERE.


  1. Very cute. Perhaps I should make me one since I'm prone to loosing library books. ^_~

  2. As a teacher librarian I say yeah! I drill it into my students heads that they need to keep their booksin their book bags when they are not being read. And yes he can read mom... he can read the pictures!


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