Princess Ratbag

My little girl LOVES skirts - the twirlier the better. She calls them 'foo foo' skirts. When she was younger she didn't know how to say beautiful and she would say 'foo foo'. It stuck.

She has a Princess Ratbag skirt which she saw at a Mathilda's Market last year which has been her absolute favourite, but sadly she's outgrown it.

A couple of weeks ago, Princess Ratbag were having a clearance sale on their facebook page. Competition for their pettiskirts was FIERCE but I was lucky enough to 'win' one.

Our parcel delivery lady brought it today along with a package from the Fat Quarter Shop (but photos of those goodies can for another day).

About 30 seconds later, little miss was wearing it and twirling, twirling, twirling...


And another twirl

It's now in her wardrobe. It's her special 'going out foo foo skirt'.
She has about a dozen others which are everyday wear.


  1. So adorable. I love those skirts but have bulked at the price. Your little one looks like she loves hers :O)

  2. What a cute little princess :o)


  3. And your princess is foo foo too.

  4. How cute is that skirt - and of course your little girl!

  5. Oooh.. just a couple of days ago I saw a skirt made from tumbler quilt blocks (small end at top) The blogger said it was very twirly. I am sure the wee princess would love it if you made her one. She could even choose the fabrics!

  6. He still has him very well put....

    Very handsome this one, my princess has a similar skirt, and neither one takes it ¡

    A kiss for you and for your princess ¡

    le queda muy bien puesto....

    esta muy guapa, mi princesa tiene una falda parecida, y tampoco se la quita¡¡¡

    un beso para ti y para tu princesa¡¡¡

  7. Oh my goodness is she the cutest little girl and her skirt is fabulous!!

  8. She certainly loves her twirly skirt!

  9. gorgeous foofoo skirt, and absolutely gorgeous little girl!! The pictures are lovely! :)

  10. A little girl's dream! I want one too! :D (she's adorable!)

  11. What a pretty skirt for a pretty princess.

    I would love one of thses skirts but i dont htink anyone wants to see me in one.

    Hugs & Blessings


  12. Oh boy someone is VERY happy with their twirly skirt. Well done on your score!


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