My first quilt

I was ready the latest post at Lily's Quilts where she showed us her first quilt - and then linking it up at Bluepatch Quilter, so we can all show our first quilts.

What a great idea.

I decided to go back through my photos and post a picture of my first quilt too.

Here it is:

Look at the ghastly colour combination. Oh those green squares are sooooooooo wrong!

Those love heart flower thingy's were hand appliqued. If you look closely, you'll see that I've sewn on my blanket stitch - upside down / back to front.

It is hand quilted with invisible thread. That awful thread that is like a thinner version of fishing line and which just bounces out of the needle. I haven't used it since. Hate the stuff.

So go on, join in the fun and show us your first quilt.


  1. In spite of the things you picked out it's not a bad first attempt....

  2. I think its brilliant as a first attempt, and you're more aware of the faults than anyone else would be!

  3. I wish my first quilt was halt beautiful as your is. I love the appliqued flowers and heart and the hand quilting is nice.Don't like invisible thread either.

  4. Despite your comments about the colours and techniques used it is a trully beautiful first quilt!
    I don't like invisible thread either - when using it for embroidery!

  5. Your quilt is lovely! As I told Lynne, I don't have a photo or even the first quilt I made 28 years ago! I quilted one quilt with that nasty invisible thread too! Never again!

  6. Thanks for posting your quilt on my blog - there's nothing like quilters for pointing out mistakes etc.......i never get blanket stitch the "right" way but recently a lady in one of my classes was appliqueing a cactus onto her quilt, she blanket stitched back to front, a little off the edge and it looked like prickles - brilliant. I posted a pic of itn on my blog I think back about Nov / Dec about it.

  7. That is a fantastic quilt! Are you sure it was your first? It's too beautiful! Love the applique and the colours are great!

  8. Other than the green, which you pointed out, it looks great!

  9. I do agree with the green is not quite right, but other than that is it gorgeous, and look how neat your stitches are, you should see how big mine were on my first quilt!
    I love the applique shapes, really sweet.

  10. It's pretty good for a first attempt! Okay so the blanket stitch is the wrong way round but you could have just said it was part of the design... My first quilt was brown and beige - yuck!

  11. I think you did a beautiful job! My first quilt was soooooooooo boring! This is lovely!
    xx, shell

  12. I think your first quilt is wonderful! And to think how much you learned :)


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