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19 February 2011

Machine TLC

Quilting is a messy business - seriously!

My "bobbin almost empty" message stopped appearing on the screen which could only mean 1 thing (well 2 things, but I don't even want to contemplate number 2). It meant the sensor wasn't sensing.

I opened it up and pulled out this pile of fluffy stuff.

Impressive, no? Especially considering I cleaned it out only a few weeks ago.

So I thought I'd ask - Have you given your sewing machine a little bit of TLC lately?

PS I {heart} my iPhone. It's so great for quick, spur of the moment, blog posts :-)


  1. Oh dear, you are the second blog to show a pic like that so I am beginning to feel guilty & think I should give my machine a little love too. xx

  2. Ummmm. Maybe I should give mine a go over!

  3. Thanks for the heads up... but I just did mine!
    Good help reminding everyone though!

  4. wow, and there I was thinking you've been shearing a sheep.

  5. Wow! Save that for stuffing a pillow!

  6. Oooh, a few foofy gremlins in your bobbin casing. I must be anal because I clean it with every bobbin change.

  7. I don't think I've ever seen that much stuff come out of a machine, you've been busy!

  8. Wow! Reminds me I need to clean a machine (or 4!) soon...

  9. I try to do mine every time I start a new project, I change the needle then too. Luckly my Bernina tells me when it needs oil.

  10. My machine usually only gets a clean up when my mother comes to visit and sits down at it... thankfully that's at least once a year these days ;)
    Although I did get into it the other day. The auto thread cutter was catching the tread, so whilst it cut, the end didn't come out without a good tug. I think I cleaned a similar pile of fluff out of the underworkings. I guess you gotta show a bit of love to your babies in order to get love in return.

  11. My machine also needs a cleanliness, you like to do a few miles??? Ja ja ja j

    A kiss

    Mi maquina también necesita una limpieza, te apetece hacer unas cuantas millas??? ja ja ja j

    un beso

  12. Hey thanks for the reminder. BTW what app do you use for blogging?


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