30 January 2011

School... A new chapter

The dymo label maker has been out tonight.

School uniform is ironed and ready.
My baby starts school tomorrow.
A new chapter of our lives begins ...
I'm sure there'll be tears - probably mine.


  1. Best of luck to your "baby". I'm sure it's going to be a very special day. And don't worry about a few tears; I'm sure you are not the only one (and I'm not talking about the kids either). Hugs Vreni x

  2. You'll be fine... we've all been thru it.. you'll look back on this day with a smile.

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  4. Good luck on your "baby's" first day of school. I know you two will be fine ( believe me, I've been through it). you'll laugh about it in a few years.

  5. You may shed a tear. My youngest started school last week and it feels a bit empty at home. He really enjoys it though. Your little one will love it.

  6. I hope it goes well tomorrow for you. I found the 2nd day was the worst, he loved the first day and then realized on the second that it was permanent.
    I bought a Dymo too, and did it get a workout!

  7. Good luck! Such a big day for mummy and child. You'll both do fine .... so exciting :O)

  8. Best of luck tomorrow. Exciting and scary, you will do fine though.

  9. A new chapter in your family's life:) Beautiful....enjoy;)



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