If friends were flowers...

It's not a mug rug... this time I made a wall hanging.

It measures 18" x 12" plus tabs up top. I don't have hanger for it yet, so will show some better photos when it's actually hanging up on a wall :-)


  1. Very pretty and a lovely sentiment.

  2. So beautiful. did you hand sew the sentiment? You really do a lovely job with your pieces! I enjoy looking at them.

  3. Lovely work.What stitch have you used for the text. So well done!!!!

  4. no hace falta que lo pongas en la pared, para ver lo bonito que es¡¡¡
    felicidades te ha quedado precioso¡¡¡
    un beso

    It is not necessary that you put it in the wall, to see the nice thing that is ¡
    Congratulations you have still had it precious ¡
    A kiss

  5. Everyone loves to receive flowers. Give loved ones the gift that will last forever and not wilt away in a matter of weeks.

  6. Oh that's lovely. Did you have a pattern or have you just done it yourself? Linda

  7. So pretty! Where do you plan to hang it?

  8. So Beautiful, So Colorful, So Sweet & I am So in Love with it - Truly :)

  9. This is lovely Anorina, did you make up the pattern for the flowers? If so you should submit that one to one of the magazines it would be a lovely project.


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