Here we go ...

After a few tears, my little man has started school.

Here's to lots of learning, homework, playing, new best friends, lunch boxes, excursions, library books and all round fun. 

I wonder which kids he'll make friends with today who I'll hear about for the next 12 years...


  1. It's the friends who last the whole 12 years and beyond that count and are important. That number narrows down quite a lot as time passes. Hope he has a wonderful day.

  2. Be strong!! Mine is already in Grade 7 and when i had to drop hom off at school the other day, i was sad. They always stay your little ones. hope both of you have a great day. xxxxx

  3. I hope he will have a great day.I'm Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Don't you love how their bags look big enough to put themselves in!
    I hope he settles in quickly!

  5. Oh look at him go!! I hope his first day goes well. My Great niece started school last September, on the first day she came home and said she loved it and please could she go again tomorrow..... On the Friday she told me niece that she had enjoyed going there but now felt she had learned enough and didn't want to go again!!!! LOL.... little does she know eh. Hugs Linda

  6. Aww, so sweet!
    This reminds me of my niece who also started school this month.


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