Pure & Simple

I've started to play with a charm pack and some kona solids.
It's a 'Pure' charm pack by Sweetwater for Moda.

Hubby walked in and without prompting said "nice"... so I'm thinking this may appeal more to a male. I'm not loving it at the moment. It definitely needs some colour. Maybe some red to make it "pop".

I think I may finish this one and make another in a "girly" palette.

Here's where it's going:

Hmmm... yes, definitely needs some red.


  1. Very nice....I've seen a few of these packs in the quilt along!

  2. Oh I love the blocks, they are great. I think it would be awesome for males. I as a female love it as well it is actually the colors I like.

    They look great as is but of course if you need red i can see red fitting in as well.

    Very nice, keep us updated. I would love to see it when it is finished.

    Ann Flowers

  3. I quite like it. I have a couple of the pure charm packs to make a Schnibbles quilt.

  4. This looks great, Love the colour of the solids you've chosen to go with the Pure. I laughed when you mentioned making something girly next time- already thinking of your next project!!

  5. Another of my charms being made into something wonderful. I was looking at my LC of Pure and the Kona solids Wheat, Earth, Taupe, Mocha and Brown give it a lift. Can hardly wait to see finished quilt.

  6. It's looking good, and yes, I think it perhaps needs some red.

  7. Pure is one of my fav lines from Moda. I am looking forward to seeing how this ends up.


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