Owlish Owls and giveaway details

I'm half way through quilting a quilt for my good friend Narelle.

It's such a pretty girly quilt and my little Miss 3 has been asking this afternoon if it's for her, or if she can have it. Definitely appeals to little girls... and big girls too :-)

I also want to share a fantastic giveaway held by Fat Quarterly on their Facebook fan page, right now. Not only do they have a fantastic blog which is lot's of fun to read, they're also giving away a bundle of "Remix" fabrics by Robert Kaufman. Check it out!


  1. What a fun quilt.I can see why your 3 year old wished it was hears. Your quilting is amazing!!! You should do a post with quilting tips. I really want to learn FMQ but I'm a bit intimidated. I'm off to read the latest edition of Fat Quarterly now.

  2. Wow, how long did it take to quilt the top half? it looks amazing...love the owls!


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