Tuesday Treasure

My Tuesday Treasure is a little bit different this week... it's a memory rather than and actual object.
It's remembering the drive across Tasmania, between Strahan and Hobart, and the kids and I almost seeing snow.

The greenery on the sides of the road was frozen and the puddles were frozen over. We were very excited as we've never come this close to snow or ice unless it's come out of the freezer.

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  1. What fun - I say my first snow this year when I went to the UK in January - and i'm 51!!! your littlies are ever so cute!

  2. Special family memories are great treasures ! Thanks for playing along .

  3. A lovely memory. What a beautiful photo.

  4. Oh yes I love times...
    Fantastic photos and memories!!

  5. Awe...I just looked and realized you're from Australia! You can come on up to NY for a visit. About Jan/Feb, the pond will hopefully be frozen...you can skate in the freezing cold and sled with the kids! We'd love to have you. =)

    Glad you almost had the chance to see snow. =)

  6. Yes, that is truly a treasure. It will remain a wonderful family memory for ever.

  7. What a great memory to treasure. Maybe when the little ones are older a trip to the Snowy Mtns to see real snow would be fun.

  8. Hi Samelia! The first time I saw or actually "felt" snow was on a coach trip to the Jenolan Caves. We stopped at Mt. Victoria for lunch, as we were getting out of the coach we were handed our lunch- chicken and salad and a cold drink! Then it started lightly snowing. It was FREEZING. A couple of years later we went to the snowfields. There was a lot of snow on the ground, but it didn't snow while we were there.
    Love the pic of your 2 little treasures. :-) Sandy.

  9. What a lovely memory! We used to get frost like that where I grew up. We'd call it crunchy grass because it would be frozen still. Once my mother left the washing out and it froze. I remember my brother and I playing with frozen tea towels.


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