Tuesday Treasure

I love buttons.
When I was little, I used to sit and play with my mum's tin of buttons.
My kids have also discovered the joy of playing with buttons.
Threading them. Putting them into little piles of colours or sizes. 

... so today's treasure is a little bit strange, but it's my box of buttons and the enjoyment it gives both me and my kids

Come along and join in the Tuesday Treasures fun with Clare's Craftroom.

What is your treasure?


  1. Isn't it amazing that buttons hold such fascination....

  2. Oh no nothing strange about that , I just looove buttons ! Thanks so much for playing along .

  3. I love buttons too...my grandkids loved playing with my button jar..and one has put her name on the jar to have one day..
    lovely memories in buttons.
    Julia ♥

  4. I love playing with buttons too and this started when I was a child. You have a lovely collection.

  5. I still love playing with buttons. It was a favourite thing to do when I was little. Sort them out, look for the pretty ones. A lovely treasured time to pass on.

  6. All buttons are treasures. Love your collection.

  7. buttons who doesn't love buttons? fabulous treasure

  8. There is something special about buttons , I loved to play with them as a child and if the truth be told still do . I think buttons are a treasure !

  9. Lol, this must be a family tradition for lots of people as I always played with my Mum's buttons and my kids played with mine. Thanks for reminding me of another great treasure I didn't know I had :).

  10. As a child buttons told a family story in much the same way as photos! Memories and treasures!


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