Tuesday Treasures

Well I thought I'd join Clare in sharing a Tuesday Treasure with you this morning.

It's a snow globe from Hawaii (obvious snow country, right?).

Hubby gets to go to all sorts of new and exciting places through work, while I'm at home with the kids. He brings me back little gifts from his trips (plus lot's of photos). Maybe one day I'll get to go with him.

Join in the Tuesday Treasures at Clares Craftroom

Ciao for now xo


  1. Heehee! Your hula dancer in a snow storm made me giggle.

  2. What a little cutie. I love the idea of snow in Hawaii.

  3. Snow dome from Hawaii!!! I just love it!!

  4. Maybe it was snowing when he was there , lol !
    Thanks for playing .

  5. Lol, maybe it should be in a sand storm? Still cute though!

  6. Love your snow globe... How funny it's from Hawaii!!! Makes it even more special!

  7. Very sweet - Like most of the other respondents I had a giggle.
    I'm thinking about the sand flying around there, they are too skimpily dressed for snow.

  8. Its so different, and not what one would expect from Hawaii!


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