Thursday bits and pieces

It's been slow around here lately. 
Maybe it's the weather. 
Soooo windy. I hate the August winds. 

Here's a little look at what I've been working on: 


Which when all put together, looks like this:

The designs are by Bronwyn Hayes. The beautiful outer fabric I received from my forum friend Lucky1. Go and have a look at her blog. You won't be disappointed. Promise!

I just need to add the backing, a binding and it's a lovely wall hanging. Perhaps it'll be a Xmas present for someone.

I've also been having a play with some cute farm yard animal print fabric. Not finished yet, but here is a little peek: 

Happy Thursday everyone. Ciao for now xo


  1. Thought I knew that pretty Looks lovely:D

  2. Lovely Stitching on your Bronwyn Hayes blocks. They were my first attempt at redwork. I still love them. The blues in your farmyard bloc are so pretty..

  3. Lovely work you've done on the Bronwyn Hayes blocks. I'm sure I can hear the cat purring from here :).


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