A week in review


Yes it's been one of those weeks. Everyone in the house has been sick with coughs and sneezes - and to think, winter has only begun.

Not much sewing time unfortunately, but I have managed to get a few things finished.

I made this little table topper a few weeks ago, but had never gotten around to adding the binding. Well it's now bound and looking oh so pretty.

I also made this Toy Story toddler bed quilt. It's just a fabric panel which I picked up quite cheaply from Spotlight about a year ago, and forgot I had it. My son has moved into his single bed now, so I made it anyways and will see if there is someone who wants it :-)

Okay, maybe I have been a little bit busy, because I also made up 2 sets of these crazy nine patch blocks. I'm not sure what I'm going with them yet but there is no doubt that lot's of white will be involved.


Hope everyone has had a lovely week
Ciao for now xo


  1. Love your crazy nine patches!

  2. The table runner is great so simple but effective

  3. Thanks for your lovely feedback :-)
    It makes my day to receive comments on my posts.


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