Crazy 9 - where to go now?

I think my title says it all... where do I go with this now?

Does it need 'something' more?

It currently measures 39" x 53".

Might need to play with another project and leave his on the back burner for a while...

Ciao for now xo


  1. Mmmmm, think it does but don't know what. A little too much white? The eyes are drawn to the vastness of the ice putting those glorious colours [birds of paradise? on the ice?!] into a second place.

  2. Love the colours , very cheery !

  3. I love it... Im a real white with colour girl at the moment... Maybe a red coloured small sashing and then some white in a larger sashing and then the binding.. I just love it.. all your work is just gorgeous...

  4. Lovely colours. Depending on how big you want it. I would do a crazy patch border then the red small sashing and then maybe a larger white sashing and do the binding all colours.

  5. Thanks for your feedback everyone. I'm binding it - well procrastinating really.

  6. Very nice. I think all it needs is some red around it a small border but binding should do it.



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