March 2024

My last post was on 1 March, so I thought I'd better pop in and share a bit what I've been up to.

Firstly, Happy Easter! It's Easter Sunday morning and I've already had chocolate to start the day. It doesn't matter how old the kids get, they still enjoy an Easter Egg hunt. I baked folares, which are a (southern) Portuguese tradition at Easter. Sweet bread, swirled with loads of butter, cinnamon and sugar. 

My garden is looking tired and ready for the winter hibernation. I've never been able to grow hydrangeas, but somehow, we've managed to keep these alive in a large pot. I do love this dried colour and wonder whether I should cut them and dry to bring into the house, or just leave them.

Through the month, I joined a class on free motion quilting with Deb Louie. Deb teaches a grid-like technique for the quilting. Using a grid, pounce and powder we quilt within the lines which is really a lot of fun. I ordered my own pounce from Amazon, so I'm waiting for that to arrive so that I can play around some more at home.

With the cooler weather arriving, I have finally finished my 2023 neon liquorice all sort crochet blanket. Only a few ends to weave in and then it needs a bit of blocking. I haven't started a new 2024 blanket yet, but have enjoyed spending a bit of time making some wind spinners. I plan on taking hanging these around the neighbourhood. I wonder how long they'll last?!?

It has been a great year for dragon fruit. My dad and aunt have had a bumper crop and I've eaten more dragon fruit this summer, than I have mangoes. Do you like dragon fruit?

My pickle-wedge quilt top is finished. It's been a great learning experience and absolutely enjoyable. I used the freezer paper method of FPP to create the wedges and managed to only use 4 templates, traced on to freezer paper, to make this whole quilt.

I purchased a dark purple floral wideback fabric for the backing so will need to baste and then decide on the quilting. I'm thinking this could be my winter big stitch quilting project. 

I continue to play with scraps. The little bits cut out from my pickle wedge quilt have been pieced and then used to create these peels. I trace the peel (leaf) shape on to some light interfacing, sew it on the right side of the scrap panel, trim and then turn it out. I'm not sure what I'll use these for just yet.

Speaking of scraps, I now have a large tin of prepared hexagons, ready for english paper piecing. These are all thread basted hexagons using 2.5" squares. Again, I'm not sure what I'll make with these, but they've been fun to prepare.

My Ice Cream Soda quilt is coming along nicely. I think I only have about a dozen more blocks to make before I can start thinking about the joining diamonds and triangles. I'd originally planned on using a turquoise or teal print for the background joining pieces, but in the end, I chose a white fabric with teeny yellow hearts (or possibly stars) instead. The problem with working in a fabric store, is too many options!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful March and a Happy Easter weekend (if you celebrate). 

That first image is a project I'm working on for a Foundation Paper Piecing class which I'm teaching later in the month. Last month, I taught machine pieced curves, and this is the next step. Before long, the class might be putting togethe NY Beauty quilts! That'd be a hoot.


  1. Such a stunning colour combo in your first picture and your Portuguese breads look delicious. So many different projects on the go, great crochet finish and the spinners look fun. Enjoy your Easter. xx

  2. You showed so many pretties today! I've never heard of dragon fruit, I don't think I've ever seen it in any of the grocery stores I shop at. The bread looked delicious, perfect to accompany a cup of coffee. Happy stitching!

  3. Easter Blessings to you and your family. It is nice read today's post. You have shared so many great things in this post. I am admiring the first picture, the quilt, and think that it may be the New York Beauty pattern. Am I correct? The Pickle Dish pattern is a pattern on my "Must give it a try "list. The folares have inspired me to make a cinnamon swirl breakfast cake. sure to be a tasty treat with a warm/hot beverage.

  4. What a lovely collection of colourful projects. My little Grandson has eaten dragon fruit - I have a photo of him with a very messy red face! Happy Easter to you too.

  5. Anorina, so great to get an update on your mischief
    I love that block, I want to try to make a block like that. Where do I find a pattern? Yours is a beauty
    Yes, the chocolate. Yesterday with the grand girls we consumed plenty thankfully we interspersed strawberries, grapes and peanut butter on fancy crackers.
    your crochet is beautiful
    All of your projects are marvelous. I love the scrap pieces leaves and the quilt is stunning.
    I want to make that yummy cinnamon Folaires. I will search for a recipe.
    Happy Easter. You have a lot of lovely projects. i am the same, lots of choices to fill my day and some to drag along when we are out and about
    Love, Rosemary

  6. Oh and the hydrangeas, yes, snip a few carefully and hang upside down. I usually use a clothes pin and attach to a hanger

  7. everything looks delicious here.........even the fabric choices.........pickle dish reminds me of licorice allsorts.........busy girl...........

  8. I have never eaten dragon fruit.
    Just look at that neat little tin filled with perfectly stacked and prepped EPP pieces. Your blog posts are so lovely!

  9. not tried dragon fruit but i will look for it the pickle wedge quilt and so many other pretties....lovely post


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