Simple Patchwork Table Runner

In the lead-up to the festive season, I enjoy sewing up Christmas projects. Projects, which I usually make as gifts for family and friends, store samples for work, and I usually make something for my home. This November, I've already made a number of table runners - 8 I think - plus this extra one which I made yesterday. 

It started as a leader/ender project when I was making a braid table runner. I had a pile of green and white (well, not white, but low volume) prints beside the machine and I was sewing these together, rather than cutting the machine thread. 

Before long, I had a pile of paired squares, so I then sewed those together so they were alternating green/white. When they were all together, I decided that five squares across was a good amount, so I laid them out on my sewing table and added the fifth square, depending on whether the row needed a green or white.

Once I had a long patchwork piece and had run out of low volume squares that were cut and ready, I added the borders. I just love that thin candy cane border between the patchwork and the outer red border. 

I pinned and quilted in all of the central patchwork ditches using Aurifil 50wt thread in a light green (number 2840). 

I changed the machine thread to Aurifil 40wt thread in red (number 2250) to ditch quilt the borders. I recently discovered that my machine has an overlocker foot (2A), so I've taken to adding an overlocker stitch around the edges of my projects before adding the binding. It's an extra step, but the result is lovely and it helps the fabric to stay where I want it, when the binding is added. I used to use a zig-zag around the edges, but this works much better.

Using a hera marker, I marked some lines and added some rows of big stitch hand quilting using Aurifll 12wt thread in the same green as the quilting (number 2840). I love the extra special sparkle that hand stitches bring to a project. I machine bound the runner with the red thread and it was ready to lay on my coffee table... well after a little photo shoot.

What you can't see in this picture was Chester, my big sleeping lump of a cat. As soon as the Christmas tree comes out and the tree skirt is laid down, that's his most favourite sleep location for December. When he was little, he used to bat the low hanging decorations, but he's 9 now and not bothered any more.


  1. What a lovely tablerunner - its the perfect example of 'simple and festive'. Now I want to make one for our dining room table. It's also my tip off that its time to get the Christmas things out and decorate. I used to LOVE doing that when our yorkie sisters were alive. They LOVED everything festive. Christmas morning hubby to would take them outside & I'd quickly put their presents under the tree. They knew as soon as they'd come in that those presents were theirs. Molly had the job of diving under the tree, carrying out one present, ripping the paper off and then Bailey would jump on the toy. Under the tree Molly would go until all the presents were found and properly pounced on. Halloween we'd dress the 2 of them up as bees and they LOVED when the doorbell rang. Out on the front stoop they'd go to sniff all the costumes and be told how cute they were (such girls they were). When we lost them at 13 and 14 years old it was never the same again. How I wish our fur babies lived longer. We now have a terrier who is 10, and the most affectionate little thing. Deb E

  2. It's a lovely runner Anorina and I am mightily impressed that you made 8 during November!!! I love the pop that the narrow striped border gives.

  3. Hello, I hope that you can help me. I am desperate to make the Wish Quilt. I have exhausted all avenues to obtain the pattern but have had no luck. I have tried all back issues available and that particular issue is not available. In your progress photos I could see the photo of the front cover of the magazine but I cannot tell the issue number or the year.. I can only assume that it was issued prior to 2010. The back issues do not go any further than 2012. Is there any possibility that I could obtain the pattern off you please.
    I have also tried Red brolly which is no longer active.
    Thanking you
    Angela Summerside

  4. It's lovely! Like you, I like to sew leaders and enders while working on another project... that is, if I'm not in a hurry with the "main" project! Usually though, my pieces are 1-1/2" X 1-1/2". I have a couple designs in the works, using those, though I'm sure I will never empty the basket of 1-1/2" squares! Since I don't decorate for the holidays - no one comes to our house, so I don't feel the need to put out anything special - I haven't sewn with Christmas prints for many years. In fact, I don't have any in my stash! So, it's fun to see what you're creating to make your home look festive.

  5. This is so bright and festive. I love it and wow, to stitching 8 runners far.

  6. Another beautiful project.. Ondrea


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