A Big Cushion, Needle Turn and a Diary

It's been slow going around here lately. Not a lot of sewing getting done and I don't think it's only lack of time, but also, lack of motivation. When I'd normally have a number of projects on the go that I'd be itching to work on at any given time, I don't really have a project like that right now. Perhaps with Christmas on the way, the sewing slump may finally go away and inspiration will return. Fingers crossed.

I thought I'd do a little round up of what I've been up to this past month or so as I also seem to have neglected the blog a little bit lately. Not just my blog, but even reading and commenting on blogs has fallen by the wayside. I really must get through this rut.

I finished a big quilted/stitched cushion for work. We received this beautiful Anna Maria Horner fabric in store - its a lovely wideback (108" wide). We cut a half meter and after backing it with batting, I did lots of big stitching quilting, both by hand and using my sewing machine. The hardest part was stopping. I could have kept stitching more and more and more.

I used a variety of Aurifil 12wt thread which is probably my favourite weight for hand work. The colours in this set all work so beautifully with this print. The 12wt also worked well in my machine. I used regular 50wt thread in my bobbin, top stitch machine needle, longer stitch length and slow and steady stitches.


This quilted cushion was also my October artisan project for Aurifil. Our challenge was to share our favourite quilting style - big colourful stitches are my favourite.

Last week, I taught a needle turn applique and big stitch quilting class at work. I created fun little kits with rainbow colours and taught the ladies two styles of needle turn. Finger pressing the outer seam and applique that way and the second method was using a running stitch and basting approximately 1/2" inside the raw edge and then turning under the seam and appliqueing with teeny stitches. 

In previous classes, it's been a mixed response with applique preference, but the students this week all preferred the second method. I prefer it too. Everyone was busy stitching, chatting and generally all seemed to enjoy the process. I'm hoping to see some pretty finished projects soon.

I received an email from Universal Media Co to let me know that I had a project in the 2024 Quilters Companion Diary and would I like a copy. Ummm... YES! My diary arrived last week and I have a few projects within it's pages which is very exciting. I've made a fair few projects for Homespun and QC (in the past) and it's always a surprise as to which ones they choose to feature.

I'm sure I have more to update here from the last few weeks, but this is enough for today. Perhaps I'll come back tomorrow with another update. For now, I'm heading out to buy some Christmas fabric (it's on sale) to hopefully be inspired to create festive projects which I'll gift to family. Have you started your Christmas sewing? Or are you almost finished? 


  1. Your cushion cover is great fun and congratulations on your entries in the diary. xx

  2. I love the fabric you use for the cushion, so pretty! I decided a year ago I would make Christmas quilts to hang on the rafters. After I finishing binding the last one, I'll have 4 quilts to display this year! That will be my decorating. Happy stitching!

  3. Many congratulations on your projects in the diary, of course, you would definitely want to have a copy. Beautiful cushion.

  4. You know, I love that AMH wide-back print! That's a big admission for me because I generally avoid floral prints. However, after winning a 22-piece FQ bundle of AMH prints at QuiltCon (Atlanta), a few of the prints are growing on me. :-) I love what you did with that piece, as I'm finding hand-stitching more and more appealing. I sure understand about losing a bit of sew-jo though, as that happens to all of us. But don't neglect blogging about what you do! I, for one, love seeing your stuff! Also, I was interested to learn about the appliqué workshop you taught. If I understand correctly the second method you taught, I learned at as "back-basted appliqué." Do you use a heavier thread for the basting part? I was taught to use quilting thread for that bit. But I agree with your students that it's the best method for appliquéing. Gosh, I wish you and I lived closer together. I'd love to sit with you over a cuppa and have a long chat about your creations. You have a lovely gift for combining design and color. Congratulations on being in the new year "Quilter's Companion" diary, repeatedly! That's fantastic! You must feel so good about that.

  5. Beautiful cushion, Anorina, and congratulations on those project publications!!

  6. The cushion is amazing!!
    i think you have been VERY busy... be easy on yourself!


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