FNSI - May 2023

Friday Night Sew In (which will probably extend through the weekend) actually started through the afternoon. My sewing room is in the back of the house which is the direction in which the sun sets. In the summer time, it gets too hot to be in there, but in the winter months, it's absolutely lovely.

You may know that I recently started working at my local quilt store. In July, I'm holding a workshop on freehand applique and will be focusing on the rainbow shape. It's a simple shape to master and great for beginners what to learn and practise needleturn applique.

I decided that I need a few different samples to have ready for the workshop. Gosh, I love this slow stitching process.

I spent a lovely afternoon/evening stitching these samples. This one (above) has colonial knots in the background to hold the layers together. I find that making colonial knots much is easier than French knots.

To accompany my stitching, we had re-subscribed to BritBox again (it's only $2 for 2 months at the moment) and so we watched a series called "Karen Pirie" and ate cannoli and cakes, which I'd brought home from a coffee date with a friend on Friday morning.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. Thanks to Wendy and friends for the Friday night company.


  1. Fabulous mini rainbow quilts, Anorina!!! The class will surely be a hit! And the bakery goods look pretty amazing, too!

  2. Lovely fun rainbow 🌈 samples and such delicious treats to enjoy.😋
    Maria lifeontheblock

  3. You will make a good teacher. Some yummy treats there.

  4. Hi Anorina ,congrats on your new job ,and what fun to be teaching,love your house samples ,well done 🌹🤍🌹

  5. The rainbows are cute. The bakery goods look so delicious. Yum.


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