CROCHET: Scrappy C2C Blanket {FINISHED}

I've really neglected the blog lately. Life has just been busy and by the end of the day, it seems like too much effort to turn on the computer. It seems like I use up my word allowance through the day and by the evening I can't think of what to say/write. Anyone know what I mean?

This past week, I finished my scrappy yarn corner to corner (C2C) blanket. Yay!!

All of those pesky ends were woven in and I finished the outer border with a fun tutorial I found on YouTube. I really like the look of this border and am sharing the link here incase you'd like to have a look and also, so that I can find it again in future.


  1. Love the blanket. I might try that border too. Thanks for the link

  2. A very bright and cheerful blanket, just the thing for the cooler evenings.

  3. I love your afghan, she's so bright and cheery!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about writing a blog post. Generally, for me, I'm best at writing in the morning. Though sometimes I'll start a post in the evening - just to get a thought out of my head - and then finish it the following day.

    Your C2C crocheted afghan is so lovely! Your leftover yarn colors look fabulous together. And, I can see the lovely drape that your afghan has, being on the diagonal like that. Are you keeping it? For family use? I have to smile to see your pup laying on it. Funny how pets seem to gravitate to any quilt or afghan laying out to be photographed.

  5. Great finish with your C2C blanket. What a great way to use all the leftover bits and pieces.


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