More Custom Cushions {Christmas Edition #1}

The Christmas sewing has started in earnest here now.  Here are another couple of custom cushions orders I've finished this week for Shannon and Emily.

The customer wanted them made in specific fabrics.

For Shannon, she wanted Australian animals with a Christmas theme. I had bought a large stash of Jocelyn Proust Christmas prints during the Christmas sales last year from Spotlight.

I gave her a few options of the prints which I had, but she fell in love with these cute little kangaroos (or maybe they're wallabies?).


The cushions are finished off with a zip and some handmade labels which I printed up a few weeks ago. 

Have you ever made your own fusible labels? I fused some fabric to an A4 sheet of heat n bond. Made up the label on my google word processing document and repeated it a bunch of time. Now I have a bag of labels, all ready to use whenever I want them.

The second cushion is for Emily. Emily likes everything Grinch related and apparently has a lot of Grinchy things already. My customer chose this fabric and is pleased with the cushion and just knows, that although Emily has lots of Grinchy things, she won't have a personalised handmade cushion.

Have you started your Christmas sewing yet? 
What do you plan on making?

I have some Christmas stocking I'd like to get finished soon and I'd love to make a start on a Christmas quilt. A Christmas quilt is completely unnecessary in the Australian summer, but I just love them!


  1. Both pillows are adorable...but as a huge Grinch fan, that Grinch cushion is fantastic! Great finishes. I'm sure your customer will be pleased. Happy sewing! -Andrea

  2. I love those pillows, especially the one with the Grinch fabric. The personalized names add a great personal touch. The recipients should cherish these gifts for sure.

  3. I love both pillows! . I had not seen either fabric before. The pillows are charming and will be adored by Emily and Shannon.

  4. Cute cushions.
    I have Christmas quilts. Nice to throw them over the couch and make the place seasonal. I also have some that I hang just for the season and two quilted tree skirts. Go for it!

  5. The cushions are absolutely gorgeous!


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