Quilt Labels

This month's challenge for the Aurifil Artisans was to showcase their beautiful thread with 'on-the-go' projects. I was going to work with some EPP as I do like have prepared pieces to put together while we're out on long car journey's (obviously when I'm not driving), or while I wait for my kids in the car (which seems to be all the time).

But something which I've been meaning to do for ages and seem to keep putting off has been making quilt labels - perfect little stitching projects to work on in the evenings... or on-the-go.

I write what I want my label to say with a zig permanent marker (usually I use a word document with a pretty font) and then press some fusible fleece to the back (parlan or pellon type products) as these help hide stitches and make the work look neater.

Then it's a matter of choosing my favourite colour of aurifloss or Aurifil 12wt thread, an embroidery needle, little scissors and a small hoop (although this is optional) and I'm ready to stitch wherever I go.

Here are a few of the labels I've completed recently. Once they're stitched and pressed, I trim them approximately 1/2" outside of the stitches. I then cut 1" strip of binding fabric and sew the binding to the front as I would a regular quilt.

I then flip it over to the back and press it well. Sometimes, I sew a  line butting up against the seam line which holds the raw binding to the back. Pin it in place and then applique the label to the quilt. 

Sometimes, I even had some extra quilting stitches around the words, being careful not to go through to the front of the quilt, but just through the label, backing and batting. This helps keep the batting flatter on the back of the quilt.

And there you have it - quilt labels stitched and prepared, on-the-go. 

Do you add labels to all of your quilts? 

How do you like to make your labels?


  1. What a great idea! I usually label all my quilts. My method is slightly different. I like that you embroider the words. I’ve printed on fabric, but find it doesn’t wash well! Stitching would solve that problem! Thanks again!

  2. I label the quilts that I'm going to keep or gift to people I know. Charity quilts aren't labeled. Those normally go to an organization and hand out as needed. I also embroidery my labels or, if I'm brave, I embroider them with my sewing machine. Your labels are lovely, happy stitching!

  3. I saw your labels on IG! I ❤️ them. Yes, I always label my quilts but I print them out on my computer printer. I prepare my fabric with Bubble Jet Set 2000 so the ink sets and does not wash away. I do like that you print your font on paper and use fusible fleece. I also like that you bind your label!

  4. I adore your labels! I don't know if I could embroider them and have them legible! I use a gel fabric pen to write it out.

  5. well, your embroidery skills are FAR superior to mine.
    I am a hand sewing slob, and it always looks really cheezy
    I have hand embroidered a few labels. Now I just use a big black marker and try to keep the lettering neat.
    My mom was the queen of embroidery. I am just.. not that good.
    All of your labels are stunningly perfect and beautiful

  6. I love your labels, sew pretty! I'm a lazy labeller, I use premade twill tape with my name embroidered in to it.

  7. Those are cute labels, I am negligent about labels, I do make an effort when it is a gift...

  8. Wonderful labels, I use pore made ones and write in pen. Might need to change that!!

  9. A great way to attach a label after the finish.

  10. These are gorgeous labels - I love each one! I'm inspired to do better with my labels!

  11. Thanks for sharing how you do labels; I love how they turn out.


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