Colour challenge/s

Here is my latest micro-mini quilt finish, created for the #microminisal challenge hosted by @berry_birdy.

The challenge this week was to use a single main colour for our micro mini quilts, so in my case, I went with pink (and white for the background).

I used my crafters edge crossover 2 machine to cut the circles which finish up at 1". I then used a frixion pen and drew up a 1" grid on my background fabric, used some UHU school glue on the back of the circles and positioned them in place.

A hot iron removed the pen marks and helped set the glue to hold down the circles long enough that to applique them down.

I ended up doing crosshatch quilting with a serpentine stitch on my machine. After quilting down each (and between each) circle, I thought I'd add more quilting going the other way. 

It's a little bit messy, but the circles are held down well.

It finished up at 5.5" square and I think this will be used as my new favourite coffee coaster in the sewing room.

In other news, I've started a new crochet blanket. This one is a C2C blanket and I'm using just the most random yarn. With the cold weather here, stores have yarn on display and I just can't help myself when I see a stand of pretty squishiness and somehow a ball or two come home with me. Kmart, Aldi, Big W, Dollar Tree... 

My children's school is running a crochet/knitting group over the next few months for kids to make squares during lunch times. They hope to make a few blankets to donate to St Vincent De Paul. I'll donate this one to the school charity once it's finished.


  1. Such a pretty piece of cute pinkness.

  2. It will be a pity to spill coffee on that pretty coaster. Such prettiness so nice to see on a Monday morning.

  3. This is very sweet, I love the fussy cut backing as well. X

  4. Love, love, love the crocheted rug. Is there a pattern for it anywhere? Thank you Jan Fitzpatrick

  5. oh that is so cute!! and I like the back too!! double sided!!

  6. What a pretty pink mini! You certainly must have the best collection of prints because everything you make is bright and happy. Your method for making this raw-edge appliqué is spot on. Love what you did. As for your crochet... it's gonna be beautiful, and how nice of you to give it away! I think it's marvelous that children are learning to crochet and knit in school! Wow! I can't imagine that happening anywhere! Such practical skills are so valuable to learn when one is young. I hope the kids enjoy making their squares, and that they result in several donation blankets.


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