Geranium Delight Quilt (Progress)

I dragged my Geranium Quilt blocks from the abyss the other day. I had finally finished the last EPP block and appliquéd it to the background square.

Initially, I’d thought I’d make 12 blocks but at this stage, I’m a little bit tired of having it hang around, so I’ll work with 9 blocks.

The blocks are 19.5” and quite weighty so I think I’ll very carefully cut some of the background fabric from behind the EPP piece before putting blocks together. 

In my mind, this quilt still needs more. Possibly something appliquéd on to where the blocks intersect?

I fear that I'll not finish this quilt this time around either and it'll go back into the abyss. Hah! 


  1. Good luck with working some more on this quilt. I like the idea of adding something at the block intersections. It will come together when it, and you, are ready.

  2. Looking good. You could always sash between the blocks to lift the background. X

  3. Well, I love the blocks and I love the back ground color of dark blue green.
    Before you join them together, perhaps you should think of either creating a smaller EPP block to applique at the corners of each block, or you could (I would) create some little patch work at each of those corners, to kind of make all of those delightful centers be the larger part of an intricate design that I know you love.
    dig out some colors and preview. I am not wild about sashing, personally, I think my view is more like Janices. The colors are gorgeous.
    You are not alone with UFOs that refuse to coalesce in your mind. put them together, stare at them for a few days, .... something. Your blocks are gorgeous, I adore the back ground, those corners need acknowledgement haha

  4. Those are very pretty blocks. Something small at the intersections would be nice. You'll figure it out in time...

  5. They are very pretty blocks
    Maybe some quilting in a contrasting color in the intersections?


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