Starburst in Teal - Step by Step Challenge

Introducing my newest quilt, Starburst in Teal, created as my January (and first) project for Island Batik. I have had such fun working with these beautiful fabrics, especially as they're in my most favourite colour palette.

The January challenge for Island Batik ambassadors was to create a 'Step by Step' quilt. It is a gradation style quilt using a beautiful bundle of fabrics. 

I decided to separate the fabrics into two families - blue and green. The design "Starburst" was a pattern I created a number of years ago for a magazine publication, but was only as a cushion size in that instance. It was fun to work the original pattern into a quilt size project. 

Normally, when making a quilt, it's easier to make all of the blocks first and then put them together at the end... but in this instance, I found it more efficient to create the quilt row by row, as I went. 

As soon as a row was finished, I pressed it and sewed it to the previous row... it was when I finally had made half the quilt top that I could see that it was going to work out just as I'd hoped (and imagined).

Once the quilt top was complete, I sandwiched, basted then quilted in the ditch along the blocks to make four arrow shapes pointing towards the centre of the quilt. 

To finish, I decided that a little more big stitch hand quilting was necessary - I love adding a little bit of hand stitching to my projects. I chose three Aurifil 12wt thread colours to add lines of stitches to emphasise the "arrow" ditch quilting. 

I'm very pleased with this new quilt and will share my pattern at a later date (when I have time to write it up properly).

The Tantalizing Teal fabric was provided to me by Island Batik. Find all of these beautiful Island Batik fabrics at your local quilt store.

In creating this quilt, I used machine needles by Schmetz. The thread for piecing, machine quilting and hand quilting are all by Aurifil.


  1. A lovely design enhanced by the beautiful fabrics.

  2. What a beautiful quilt, Anorina, and congratulations on becoming an Island Batik Ambassador!!

  3. I love 12 weight thread too - very nice quilt - love those colors

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!! A lovely quilt and the hand stitching certainly adds to it! I'm in awe of your stitching!
    Happy Quilting!
    Quilting Gail

  5. The design showcases the fabrics beautifully. A great first project with Island Batiks.

  6. It's beautiful! I love your photo against the blue sky. It matches your quilt. Have a great day!

  7. this quilt is a beauty
    I love these batiks!!

  8. Gorgeous, Anorina!! The sky and the grass do make a lovely setting for your photo!

  9. Hi Anorina, The starburst quilt is beautiful - Teal is my fav color, so it looks especially beautiful to me - thanks for sharing pic and looking forward to when you have the pattern ready to share <3

  10. lovely ... great use of the fabrics and those colours are gorgeous for it

  11. Beautifully done. Look forward to seeing the pattern.....I have never made a quilt with
    batiks....this looks like a good first one. Thanks for sharing ! Hugs !

  12. Anorina, you created a winner! Very pretty!

  13. Looks great Anorina. Well done...xox

  14. Wow! The way you used those colors to blend yet stand out is amazing!

  15. You made a beautiful quilt!!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Ms. Sue


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