The Sew-Jo NeedleCase

Sometimes, it's tricky to capture and reignite your sew-jo. Sometimes, making something small might be key to taking those first steps back into the world you love...

So with this in mind, I made a little needlecase. It's nothing flash and doesn't have a large number of pockets or zips or "bits" - but I think it does the trick.  

One pocket to hold my little scissors and thread and a space to store my needle/s. Not too much fuss (well, except for that kitty button on the front) and perfectly portable.

The tumbler panel was made up with the first fabrics which I cut with my Crafters Edge Crossover II machine. I used a stashed mini charm pack and the smallest tumbler die in the set. It's funny how that worked out - first use of the machine and last project for Crafters Edge for the year.

I hope you've enjoyed the projects I've created through the year, using the Crafters Edge tools and I plan to post (in the next few days) with my re-cap.

After a hectic lead up to Christmas with fulfilling custom orders, the desire to head into the sewing room to do anything really, has fled. One of the main problems is that it's as though a bomb has gone off in the room and there is "stuff" everywhere. Not just sewing related things either. With lots of visitors dropping in over the festive period my sewing room became a place to "hide" things that would normally have a place somewhere else or which needed attention, but time was of the essence. Know what I mean?

It's time for me to go in, tidy up and get back on track. Do you need a tidy space to work or does a bit of mess not bother you? 


  1. Lovely sewing case. Hugs, xx

  2. Such a nifty gadget to carry with one.
    I know the "hide" feeling. I've got a room with an empty bed which is like a bomb site.

  3. yes,I need the tidy space but no- I haven't had time to stop to do it. Like you, clients quilts come 1st- didn't even get my Christmas presents finished but hubby was hospitalized week b4 Christmas. Since he's facing chemo w/heart problems, I deeply hope I don't lose him & thus GET that time to clean up/organize. Oh, my heart....

    1. I offer my most fervent prayers to you.
      God Bless you and your hubby

    2. sweet prayers for you and your husband . empathy as well with family experiences

  4. this is a sweet needle book.
    Yes, my sewing room looks like a bomb went off, and then a huge gust of wind blew through. Unbelievable I am hoping to make a list and get through the sorting and tidying. Little bits of sewing in between feels good, but focus on the prize, I say.
    I hope this new year brings on the year of the purge through out the house

    Happy New Year dear Anorina and to you and your family

  5. this is a very lovely project and would make terrific gifts.
    Yes on the tidy bit and have to confess that it seems that is what I am doing most often. thinking there could be something obsessive on my part

  6. I feel like I need to get something finished for some motivation........

  7. Another lovely project. Hope you managed to clean up the sewing room a bit so you have room for more creations.


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