Custom Cushions for Christmas

I've had a few custom cushion orders to work on lately. I could have waited to share them all at once when they're finished, but hey, what's the fun in that? I'd have nothing to chat about if I did that!

I received a request from a lady for a scrappy patchwork cushion for a little boy called Braxton. I'd made one last year for his sister and I'm pleased that the lady loved it enough to come back to me to make another one for her to gift.

Custom Cushion for Braxton

I've also been making custom cushions for a lady who'd originally ordered one for her grandmother's birthday last month. 

Custom Cushion for Charlie

These cushions have the name but if you look closely, they also have the biblical meaning of each name on the lighter panel too. These are just simple embroidery on my machine with the available alphabet.

Custom Cushion for Sophie

Custom Cushion for Dominic

I still have a few to make and I'm hoping to get most of them finished this week, so that next week I can sit back and enjoy the week before Christmas with my family. Family movies, baking, Christmas lights viewing, days at the beach ... all that fun stuff.

Custom Cushion for Thomas


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