iTea Guy Mug with Cricut

How was your morning? I've had a good morning. I shopped for supplies (yay Kmart!), played around with Cricut Design Space and turned what was a fun idea, into reality.

My son is working through an IT certification through school, while attending school. He'll be qualified to work on an IT help desk before he finishes high school, which is really very cool... and it's all thanks to the Info Tech teacher at his school who encouraged him to gain this extra qualification.

We wanted to gift him a nice (unique) appreciation gift. I recently received a Cricut Maker 3 machine to review so this was a good opportunity to play Cricut Design Space and put my idea into action. 

I'm still a beginner when it comes to the Cricut and I'm slowly learning how it works. I've been enjoying looking online for tutorials and ideas and gosh it's an absolute treasure trove.

The IT Guy is a huge tea drinker. HUGE! So I played with the "IT Guy' and turned it into "iTea Guy" which is perfect. I chose a font which I liked (Strawberry Lemonade), measured the mug and sized the words accordingly. 

The words were cut in permanent vinyl in black. Cutting the words and adhering them on the mug is actually quite a quick process - even for someone who isn't exactly sure what they're doing.

The first teacher gift is just about ready to go. I'll get a mix of different teas to include within his parcel and he'll be all set for tea drinking through the summer school holidays.

Thanks to Cricut for this opportunity. Personally, I had never thought about getting one of these cutting machines before, but I can honestly see why they're so popular. I bought a t-shirt while out shopping today and am keen to have a go at trying out the iron-on vinyl.

Do you have a Cricut?

What websites to do you love for inspiration?

What are some of your favourite things to make with Cricut?

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  1. What a fabulous gift!! I don't know much about cricuts - but I would say you have a good handle on it!! and so cool your son is getting a certificate too - that is Great planning!!!

  2. How awesome your son is getting an IT Certificate while in High School. Major accomplishment and it will open so many doors for him, as well as opportunities to build on. And what a cute ITea guy mug. Super Creative!

  3. That is the neatest idea!! I’m sure he’ll love it! Hugs,

  4. You came up with a terrific idea again. Well done!


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