Geranium Delight #6 and Green Geese (OMG + WOOFA September)

Geranium Delight block number 6 is finished. It's time to remove the papers and start working on block number 7. 

I've decided on the background fabric (a solid) and have ordered it from Spotlight. My local didn't have any, so it's travelling all the way over from WA as it's the only store that had that amount (4 m) available. I probably don't need that much fabric, but it was on sale and it's best to be safe. Plus, I love the colour so can always use it in other projects.

My OMG and WOOFA goals for September are to complete 3 more of these large EPP blocks. I'll have 9 finished by then and can decide if I make the quilt with the 9 blocks or whether I decide to make a few more to make it a 12 or 16 block quilt.

Over on Instagram, I won a quilty 1000 piece puzzle from Anne from Said With Love blog. She wanted to send it to someone in lockdown which I thought was lovely and I received the puzzle, along with some other goodies the other week. It was a very happy surprise.

I started and finished the puzzle over the weekend. Yep, I'm a jigsaw puzzle fan. To all my Aussie friends in lockdown, keep an eye out on my insta this coming week as I'll be passing it along.

This week, I have also been playing with my Crossover II machine and the triangle dies. Using scrap fabrics, I've been making some green geese. I'm not sure where I'm going with these little blocks as yet, but it's been fun so far. 

That's me all caught up for today. I haven't seen what the new RSC colour is for September so I'll go and have a little look at SoScrappy now.


  1. I love the colours in this block... & so look forward to seeing it grow...xox

  2. A very productive week. Quick work on the puzzle.

  3. EPP is quite fun. I have a EPP project on the side and it is a blast ... even though I get indecisive sometimes about the next shapes' fabric to use. oh the struggle.
    Your block is beautiful i love this one.
    I would love to do a puzzle.. no time for me. US is not on lock down of any sort and besides I am taking care of my father, so I just sanitize everything along the way, This pandemic is so annoying and rather disgusting too.
    I guess your kiddos are schooling from home?
    Take good care of your sanity my dear friend.

  4. The pieces in your lovely geranium blocks are interesting and I might have to give this block a try. I need to downsize it to about 7 or 8 inches, as it sounds like yours might be 12". I am using the smaller blocks in a border on a Grandmother's Flower Garden block.


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