Autumn Leaves in Spring

Even though it's spring here in the Souther Hemisphere, I've been playing around with autumn leaves in my sewing room this week. 

I can't share too much about this project with you right now, but a little sneaky peek should be okay. 

I'll share this project with you next week during the "I'm Falling For You" blog hop. If I'm organised, I'll even be sharing the pattern.  

Not much exciting stuff has been happening around here lately. We had a birthday in the house but as we're all still locked down, there wasn't much we could do for my girl other than to get her favourite take away for dinner. Simple pleasures, right?

The garden is looking content with the start of spring and I've had my first sweet pea bloom. I love these delicate little flowers. They're scent is sweet and perfumes the space beautifully.


  1. I cannot see the photos in your post. I have checked back and your photos in previous posts are showing????????

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for letting me know. I tried something new when I uploaded the pictures and could see them myself, but wasn't sure it would work. Hopefully it's working now. Thanks for the heads-up :)

  2. I see the pictures fine, the quilt looks lovely, happy stitching!

  3. Yes I can see the pics of your Autumn Leaves… nice..
    I love sweet peas….

  4. i never smelled a sweetpea.aew there different types i should look for on a seed packet ?? Since autumn is my favorite, you have to know what a treat this quilt is to me. thank you

  5. love the look of your autumn leaves .... I do love sweetpeas too...

  6. Looking forward to seeing this project too...xox

  7. this is beautiful. This is so inspiring!!

  8. I love the quilt of the leaves. Beautiful.

  9. Your autumn leaves are beautiful. Love sweet peas too. I have jasmine in the sewing room, it smells wonderful.


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