Taking Stock: June 2021

It's been a really long time since I've sat down to write a Taking Stock blog post. Looking back through my blog, the last one I found was from March 2020 - the start of the pandemic and our first lockdown. Funnily enough, our part of the country is currently locked down again - perhaps having all of this extra 'home' time is why I have the time to slow down and reflect.

Making: Along with finishing my Smitten Quilt, I'm working on my Berry Pie crochet blanket. It's only got a few rows to go before it's ready to snuggle with on the lounge.

Cooking: I'm making a conscious effort to eat out of the freezer. We have a large deep (box) freezer along with the regular freezer section of our refrigerator... and they're both full. When things are on sale (that can be frozen), I tend to buy multiples and freeze them. Or when I find great markdowns at the supermarket and know that we can't possibly eat everything before the best before date, I freeze them. 

We had a delicious beef stroganoff which I made in the pressure cooker the other night. Here's the recipe if you'd like to try it too although rather than cook mushrooms separately, I just throw them into the pot when the meat goes in. Much easier! 

Reading: I've finished a couple of books recently. 

Book 19 of 26 in my 2021 reading challenge was 'Little Girls Tell Tales' by Rachel Bennett. 

2004: Rosalie is walking through the wild wetland behind her mother’s home on the isolated Isle of Man when she stumbles across a body. Having strayed from the path and lost her brother, Dallin, it’s hours before she’s discovered, shaken and exhausted. With a reputation for telling stories, not many believe the little girl’s tale of the body in the marsh.

2019: Dallin, estranged from his family, returns unannounced with a woman named Cora by his side. Cora’s sister went missing fifteen years ago and she believes Rosalie was the one who found her. As dangerous secrets are unearthed, Cora and Rosalie start asking questions about a girl who some would rather keep buried…

This book was chosen when I did a quick run into the library. They have a shelf of recently returned books so I sometimes just grab random ones from there. This wasn't a brilliant read - just okay.

Book 20 of 26 of my 2021 reading challenge was 'Something to Talk About' by Rachael Johns. This is the second book I've read by this author and it followed on from 'Talk of the Town' which I read a few weeks ago.

Dairy farmer Tabitha Cooper-Jones has a heart of gold, yet she's the eternal bridesmaid. Everyone's best mate. Despite facing some serious challenges over the years, she's built a successful ice-cream business and cafe, she's adored by her family and is an integral part of her hometown - there's just one thing missing from her life. But the last thing Tab wants is a man - or worse, love - to stop her achieving her dream.

In town for a temporary teaching contract, Fergus McWilliams thinks the small community of Walsh will be the perfect place to stay under the radar but he couldn't be more wrong. Suddenly, the kids' cricket team coached by Ferg is inundated with female supporters - single female supporters - and that's only the beginning.

The only woman who doesn't seem to have her sights set on Ferg is Tabitha. Despite a disastrous first meeting and a visit from a past love, circumstances keep throwing them together. Neither can deny the sparks between them, but can friendship even be possible for these two strong-willed people?

This was a nice and easy book with a happy ending. Sometimes, all you want it a nice story without too much mystery or intrigue.

Hearing: I'm currently hearing Charlie our new puppy scratching around inside his playpen. Gosh puppies are hard work! We've never had a dog before and we're just realising a new puppy is a lot like having an infant in the house except with way more poop.

Wishing: For this latest lockdown to be over when the experts predict, rather than extending for a longer period of time.

Enjoying: School Holidays - YAY! I think I'm the only parent I know who seems to enjoy having the kids at home and enjoy the school holidays. Two weeks of hanging out with no schedules or alarms. Though in saying this, my son has been rostered a few shifts at Macca's so there is still a little bit of a schedule to keep track of so that I don't forget to go and pick him up.

Eating: Nothing right now, but I'm thinking about the salt & vinegar chips in the pantry, calling my name. What's your favourite chip? Are you a sweet or savoury person?

Buying: Other than groceries, we're not really buying much right now. Trying to be a bit frugal with lots of big insurance bills due to arrive soon. Yep, boring, I know.

Watching: Even though we have Netflix and Binge with a bazillion different shows, I'm happily re-watching the Gilmore Girls. It's my go-to show. If you love GG too, download my free mug rug pattern (below).

Needing: to go and find some socks to put on my feet. It's cold tonight and being barefoot on the floorboards isn't a great idea. I'd love to make myself some crochet booties, but have yet to find a pattern that I like. Have you made yourself crochet booties/slippers? Have a favourite pattern you care to share?

Wearing: Pyjamas!

Following: Cup of Jo - lot's of fun things to read here

Saving: for a new couch for the family foom. Ours is getting lumpy yet flat in the places where everyone always sits. Time for a new one so I'm hoping that we'll have one for Christmas.

Feeling: tired. These early morning wake-ups to let the dog out are tiring.

If you'd like to take stock too, here's the list of prompts that I use. 


The original (longer list) Taking Stock can be found at Meet me at Mike's blog.

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  1. I am trying to eat through our freezer also. Why is that so hard????

  2. I like your prompts. I need them very very much to get myself getting up to do something. I tend to either sit at the computer, or sit on a chair and not get up.

  3. I'm sure sorry to know you're on lockdown again. Have you and your hubs been vaccinated? Why is all this still going on in your part of the world and not mine? All your prompts are interesting, but I can't help with any of the questions you asked. Though, I could have told you about the challenges of having a puppy! Dogs require lots of attention, and after having had two of them in our lives, we're being intentional about NOT doing it again. I don't envy you a bit! Those early mornings... and having to be outdoors no matter what the weather is like. Ugh. I'm not familiar with the books you've read, nor have I ever watched Gilmore Girls. Am I really missing something great? Oh! And your Berry Pie crocheted afghan is my absolute favorite! The colors are smashing, and I'm excited for you to be finished with it and USE it. Gorgeous!

  4. yep you had time to stop and think a little more.......I always LOVED school holidays.....having the kids home......no routine.........
    lovely that you joined in yesterday........hope you enjoyed it too.........and yes i'm a little cheeky at time........it was the long marathon for sure.........late night.....

  5. Loving your crochet. I used to enjoy school holidays with my girls and those years flew by so enjoy spending time with your children. I now have 2 grandsons and one goes to kindergarten so I look forward to school holidays so he can come here for the day. Your hexies look yummy. I always had cats but after playing God with our last one I decided I couldn't make that decision ever again . Way too many times over several years. I like dogs but can't take them for daily walks and don't want to deal with barkers eggs in the yard. Chips? Well I don't eat much snack food but when I do I like plain thin chips....no nasty colours, flavourings or sugar. Another lovely post. Stay safe and well.


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