Summery Bunting

With the cold and gloomy weather outside, I felt like creating a little bit of summery happiness to brighten up my sewing room.

I got out my Crafters Edge equilateral triangle die set and decided on a medium-ish sized triangle (yep, I know, very technical). 

I gathered some bright fabrics and set about cutting out the triangles. What I enjoyed most about using the Crossover II machine, to cut the triangles, was that there was no need to a ruler or rotary cutter. And it was really fast!

One tip for anyone wanting to create bunting and cutting out two triangles at the same time is to place the fabric with right sides facing - it'll save time when sewing the sides together ;-)

I used some red/white gingham bias binding tape to sew these approximately 1" apart and before long, I had some summery happiness to drape over the top of a window in my sewing room. 



  1. Very happy and cheerful...just the thing for this wintery blast.

  2. It looks wonderful draped over the window for some colour...
    Great effort on a cold day...xox

  3. That does bring some cheer into the room. A bit of colour therapy. I have never made a bunting .

  4. The pretty bunting sure brightens your sewing 🧵 room.

  5. What a great idea. Thanks for linking up with Thank Goodness it's Finished Friday.


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