More Purple

June is for purple in the #RainbowScrapChallenge. I've finished the quarter log cabin (QLC) blocks using my purple scraps. I've made 9 blocks so far, but I do think I have plenty of pieces left over to make a few more.

Looking at my stash of rainbowy QLC blocks, I haven't made the same number of blocks of each colour. For some colours I've made 9 blocks and others I've made as many as 17 blocks. Time and the variety of scraps determine the number of blocks... along with my enthusiasm at the time.

I've also been slowly working on a little stitchery project for next week's Fairy Tale blog hop. I'm hoping to get it finished on the weekend and look forward to sharing it on Monday.

Charlie, the puppy, is still taking up a lot of my day. I tried to get into my sewing room while he napped. This puppy is just like having a toddler - he tries to get into the cats food, climbs up the stairs and then is too afraid to come back down and I only seem to get anything done while he's asleep. 

I'm REALLY looking forward to the weekend and the winter school holidays (starting on the 28th June) so that the kids can take over puppy duties. He IS their dog after all. 


  1. You have wonderful scraps in those log cabin blocks! W look after our grand dog Finn sometimes and so I completely understand how it feels like having a toddler in the house! You need eyes on the back of your head and lots of baby gates to keep the dog contained!

  2. Loving all the purple!! So are you going to mix all the colors together into a few tops? or ? ( I am sure you have said - I just can't remember!)

  3. I like purple as a colour and your blocks look wonderful.
    Looking forward to seeing the NeW project too...xox

  4. I like the idea of your half log cabins, these would use unpa lot of random scraps, I imagine. And Charlie the puppy is so cute, who wouldn't love a gorgeous face like that!


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