Spiral Quilting + Crochet

My scrappy log cabin addiction is growing and I made another batch of pink ones. I'm using these in a project and yesterday I did some spiral quilting on the panel. Slow and steady to start with and then speeding up as the spiral got bigger and easier to manage.

I just use my regular 1/4" foot on my sewing machine with a 3.0 stitch length. I eyeball the width of the spiral by trying to keep the foot about 1/4" from the previously stitched line. I think this works for a small project.

I went through my yarn stash and chose the colours for my new crochet blanket. The pattern is based on the meadow blanket by Attic24 although I don't think I can call mine the Meadow blanket because I won't be using any green. I'll have to think of a better name for this one.

It's a simple twisted treble pattern with no real thought or counting required. The twisty texture is lovely and even though it's only a few rows in, I love to run my fingers over it. 

While I sat working on this blanket the other night I started watching Ginny and Georgia on Netflix. It was a good show; a sort-of modern take on The Gilmore Girls. The story is based on a single mum starting over in a new town with her kids. As the show progresses, we discover a lot of deep dark secrets in her past. One thing I have to say is that my son is the same age that the daughter in the show is meant to portray. The highschool that they go to and the activities and things they get up to are so far removed, from our reality in regional Australia. 

The Diary of a Bookseller is the latest book that I finished. It's book 6/26 for my 2021 challenge.

It was an okay read and is based on the life of a man who bought and runs a second hand bookstore in Scotland. It's written in diary form detailing his day, his customers, books ordered online through amazon and books actually found (or not found) in his store of 1000's. 
Honestly, I don't know why I kept reading it past January. Maybe I was waiting for something exciting to happen which never really eventuated.

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  1. I love the quilting, I have only tried spiral quilting once and wasn't thrilled with my result. I have read The Diary of a Bookseller too and was unimpressed, I did not find him particularly kind when talking about his customers.

    1. Yes I agree, he wasn't the nicest person when it came to his customers. I guess he might have had a smile on his face when serving them and what we read was what was going through his head? I'm back to my usual crime thriller novel now, so at least I know something will happen in the story :)

  2. I adore quilts although I can't sew worth a lick. That should have been one of my lockdown goals I guess. Yours is going to be a beauty. I also really love the colors on your crochet!

  3. the spiral looks so great!! Love the colors of your new blanket - and right? I was shocked at the things she did in high school... and glad we didn't live in that world. Have fun!

  4. You are of to a good start on your blanket. The sprial quilting looks great. I have also "stuck" with a book hoping that it will get better...only to be disappointed and realise what a total waste of time.

  5. love the look at your blanket... that stitch looks great too...

  6. Very pretty pinks with the spiral quilting...
    Great colours in the crochet project....

  7. You could call your blanket Berry Pie! it will look great

  8. I love the look of spiral quilting. I don’t use it often, but when I do, it’s almost as pretty as yours!

  9. j'adore votre spirale, et encore plus quand vous ajoutez des gros points à la main comme votre courtepointe verte !


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