Making lots of hexies

I've spent the past couple of days going through my scrap bags and preparing hexies. 

My Twinnings Tea tin is where I keep my prepared hexagons. It's looking quite aneamic at this stage. I've used up some of the pink (I had a lot to start with), yellow and green hexies for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge so far.

My stash of red, purple and blue hexies was quite low. With the expectation that these colours will be coming up in the rainbow scrap challenge soon, I thought I'd enjoy sitting and glueing hexies while listening to my audiobook.

It's quite lovely to sit and play with scrap fabrics, holding the little cardboard shape over them and checking whether they're big enough for a EPP hexagon (with enough of a useful seam). Some of my seams are a little bit small... but I'm sure they'll be okay *fingers crossed*.

I re-use my hexagon shapes although some have had quite a few layers of glue, so I thought I'd toss some out and make more. I have a Fiskars hexagon paper cutter which I bought from Spotlight a few years ago. 
It's the XL size which makes 1" hexagons - just like those little packets of premade hexagon papers. 

I buy a packet of manila (file) folders from the dollar store and make them with those. It's much more economical that buying the pre-made packets.

Book 7/26 for 2021 was 'You, Me and Other People' by Fionnuala Kearney.

But what happens when you open the door and they won’t stop tumbling out?
For Adam and Beth the first secret wasn’t the last, it was just the beginning. 
You think you can imagine the worst thing that could happen to your family, but there are some secrets that change everything.
And then the question is, how can you piece together a future when your past is being rewritten?

I must say that I really, REALLY enjoyed this book and was glad that it ended how it did. I won't give too much away in case you'd like to read it, or listen to, but I do recommend it. And if you can find it as an audiobook, the main characters are read by different people which makes it even easier to get right into.

Sign-ups are now open for Friday Night Sew In, hosted by Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs. Go on and join in the fun on her blog and over on the group Facebook Page.

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  1. A pretty pile of hexies and a book suggestion, what could be better!

    1. We have a very wet weekend forecast here, so my plan is to stay at home and play around with these. Hope you have a lovely, stitchy weekend :)

  2. Your hexies are a beautiful rainbow of color. I found a free pdf. sheet for hexies which I print on card stock and cut apart. The cutter looks very helpful. Thank you for sharing in my linky party ... :) Pat

    1. Thank you. I just love seeing things arranged in rainbow order.

  3. OOohhh those hexies look PReTTy...& I'll remember that Title... xox

    1. Hexies arranged in rainbow order make me happy. With the nasty weather we have forecast this weekend, hope you get lots of sewing done.

  4. I am just finishing up a hexie was slow going all hand sewed. But I loved making the hexies...the preparation is soothing and used up a lot of my cardboard stash (I'm old and that's what we do-save cardboard I mean, LOL). Yours are so modern and bright; they will make a wonderful piece!

  5. Beautiful Hexi's, Ive never listened to an Audio book but I like the idea as I then have my hands free to sew. I might look into it. Thanks for sharing x

  6. I love your box of hexies! sometimes I think they are as much enjoyable to baste and line up in rows as it is to sew them!

  7. Always nice to have a good read. Too bad my library hasn't heard of this book, audio book or even eBook! Oh well. Your hexies look good -- nice colorful hexies just waiting to be stitched together!


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