Sunday Catch-Up

Gossip in the Garden Quilt - Part 1, 2, 3

It's as though mother nature has decided we should miss spring all together and go from cold winter days straight through to hot summer days. The thermometer is telling me it's 38ÂșC outside. Gah!

The first week of the spring school holidays have passed by quickly with busy-ness everyday. It's a public holiday Monday here in NSW today, so I've made the executive decision that I'm not going out anywhere and just having a home day. I love, love, love home days. 

Do you love them too?

Gossip in the Garden Quilt - Part 3

This week I made progress on my Gossip in the Garden quilt and finished Part 3. This part involved making a few small blocks that are attached along the side of the tall flower. This section will then be attached to the basket of flowers to complete the part 3. I thought I'd take a photo of all the sections I've made so far and it's quite nice to see the progress (up at the top of this post).

I've also done some work on my Mid Century Breeze Quilt. Preparing the blocks takes a little bit of time, but once they're basted nicely, they're perfectly portable and easy to needle turn applique in front of the telly. We discovered Survivor South Africa available on catch up tv, so I've enjoyed stitching while watching that.

Back in March, I decided to fill an old bird bath with succulents. I posted about it here if you'd like to visit. It seems to have had a lovely winter and really not just survived, but thrived.

Look at that teeny little baby one hidden in there. I'm a such a sucker for these guys.

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  1. goosip has it your blocks are pretty

  2. Great colours you're using for Gossip.

  3. Beautiful blocks for Giossip in the garden and your Breeze quilt is wonderful too, lovely colours. Great job with the planted bird bath, the succulents looks very happy.


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